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Hire a full-time employee

Your company can benefit from the competencies and experience that AAU’s students have acquired through e.g. problem-based project work and collaboration with the business community.

Highly educated employees create growth

Studies show that highly educated people create growth in small and medium-sized enterprises because they contribute new knowledge and new methods. Academics have general competencies that they can use in different contexts. Exactly what education they have is therefore not always decisive for whether they can contest a particular job. Your company can benefit greatly from hiring academics, as they are used to identifying problems, analysing them from multiple angles, and coming up with solutions.

AAU students collaborate with the business community

At Aalborg University, most students collaborate with companies on projects during their studies. Usually, the students are faced with a real problem in a company that they work with for a period of time and come up with a solution proposal for. Graduates from AAU are therefore able to solve specific tasks within a certain time frame, because they have done so during their study time.

Other recruitment structures

There are several different schemes that can help make employment possible in your company - e.g. salary subsidy, growth pilot, and company internship. See the current schemes here (in Danish).

If you have any questions, please contact the Jobcentre (in Danish), or BusinessAalborg.

How to get started...

If you are interested in hiring a graduate from AAU for a full-time job, you can place a job advertisement in AAU Jobbank, where it will be visible to AAU's students and recent graduates across the country.

You can also start a cooperation with AAU students