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Rent laboratories and equipment at Aalborg University

As a company, you can hire AAU's first-class laboratory facilities, where laboratory technicians and scientists will be ready to assist you. If AAU does not have the equipment you need, you may enter into a co-financing agreement with the University concerning acquisition of the equipment.

Obtain access to AAU laboratories and equipment

If you and your company have a project that requires access to specific laboratory facilities or equipment, AAU can help you. Aalborg University has a large number of laboratories and a large amount of equipment, and we welcome companies that wish to make an agreement with AAU on their use.

Enter into a co-financing agreement with AAU regarding new equipment

If Aalborg University cannot meet your needs for equipment, you can enter into an agreement with AAU on sharing the cost of acquiring new equipment. This will enable you and your company to run the desired tests or analyses at half price, and in addition, highly qualified laboratory assistance will be provided by AAU's researchers and technicians. In return, Aalborg University retains ownership of the equipment when your contract expires.

Do you have questions about cooperation with Aalborg University?

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